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Cocktail Hour On The Noosa River.

We get it. Nothing beats sitting on your Noosa Pacific Resort balcony as the sun sets, watching the birds in the trees or the colours over the water change through that peachy palette to night time… but unless you’re a serious cocktail-ologist, getting a Gin Fizz or Mojito just right is going to take a little more than opening a bottle. Plus, let’s face it: part of the magic of a cocktail is in the jazz of all its mini umbrella-ed, salt-rimmed or sweet garnished glory. It’s time to take a walk along the world famous Noosa Pacific Resort endorsed Gympie Terrace Cocktail Trail.

We start at the far end of the strip (though you can walk this starting either way: it’s cocktails! The rules are out the window!) at the Noosa Yacht and Rowing Club. With sweeping views over the Noosa River, this is NOT the best place for cocktails, but it does have a fabulous bistro with all the traditional beverages. It is a fabulous spot to put a proper lining in, and wet the whistle before you trot down to the more high-end part of cocktail town. Also, if you have someone in your party who isn’t super excited about the Gympie Terrace Cocktail Trail, this is an opportunity to sweeten them up to the idea with something that isn’t too foreign. You know. Like a beer.

Satiated and keen for some glass garnish, it’s time to make your way 700 metres toward the Noosa River Mouth to the Sunset Bar. This beautiful and nautically styled bar affords the best view on the river of sunset (hence the name) so if you can make it here around the golden hour, you will be treated to a spectacular light show over the Hinterland, and all the way out to sea. Sitting on top of the Noosa Boathouse, walk the three flights of stairs skyward and perch up with the Cocktail Menu. The Noosa River Sling of Bombay London Gin, Blackberry Liqueur, pineapple, cranberry, lime and soda will make the walk seem worth it immediately, while all the other old favourites are on hand to sip the day away. Aperol Spritz, Dark & Stormy, Mojito, Espresso Martini, Whiskey Sour… they’re all here waiting, ready to be expertly mixed just for you.

Finish up and walk 100 metres across the road to Whiskey Boy, where serious mixologists stand in front of serious shelves of serious liquor. This little bar is all wood and trees, and is a great spot to watch the traffic roll by. Obviously, whiskey of every kind and make is the focus here, but the Cocktail List is similarly spectacular. The Melbourne Mule features Apple Pie Melbourne Moonshine, lime juice, simple syrup and Fever Tree Ginger Beer. The Blueberry Bourbon Sour is a delicious combination of Old Forester Bourbon, lime juice, blueberry syrup, egg whites and peach bitters shaken over ice. The Aperol Spritz is the only truly old-fashioned cocktail here. Be careful, Whisky Boy will lead you into unchartered territory!

Feeling peckish again? Flux Restaurant and Lounge is just another 400 metres east along Gympie Terrace, and is the perfect spot to sit, muse over what tomorrow might bring and sip on another delicious cocktail. They also do very nice tapas. With perhaps the longest Cocktail Menu of them all, there are old favourites and fresh new mixes calling here. The El Nino sounds refreshing on a dry day, with muddled limes and strawberries mixed with tequila, Chambord, cranberry juice and lots of ice. Sour & the Passion is similarly interesting, with vodka, Passionfruit Liqueur, fresh passionfruit, egg white and Peychaud’s Bitters. For something different, try the Bisongrass Martini, a mixture of Bisongrass Vodka, Lychee Liqueur, cloudy apple juice and fresh lime. Flux is funky and energetic, which is really helpful because there’s still one bar worth traipsing to on the Gympie Terrace Cocktail Trail.

GT’s has sprung on to the dining and drinks seen in Noosa with fervour, and the locals love it which is always a good sign. Commanding the corner of Gympie Terrace and Weyba Road, this deceptively large establishment offers views of the Noosa River to the mouth and a lovely parade of passing foot and motorised traffic. Try the Chilli and Coconut Margarita, but this close to your home away from home, you might just like a restorative lemon, lime and Bitters. Either way, GT’s is a great way to end (or start) the evening! From here, you’re within wobbling distance (less than a kilometre) of your luxurious holiday apartment at Noosa Pacific Resort. Time to put the feet up and look out over your balcony once more!