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Delicious crepes made fresh at Flo’s

Flo's Crepes

Taking advantage of prime foot traffic through uber cool Noosa Junction, Flo’s Creperie has sent Francophile hearts’ aflutter: when the locals can be seen dining there night and day, it’s time to pay attention. And yes, you read currently: Flo’s isn’t just a breakfast thing, but a place where crepe and cocktail dreams come true at any time of the day or night.

Settled on the pavement at the Main Beach end of Noosa Junction, chairs and tables in Parisienne white give a decidedly French flair to outdoor seating, whilst inside high sealings and an open kitchen give the sense that this is a gastronomically serious kitchen. Take a turn through Flo’s Facebook page, and you’ll see ample evidence of this: we missed the galette of Duck confit, goat’s cheese, mushroom and spring onion galette special this month, as well as the Cherries macerated in Kirsch (cherry brandy), Belgian chocolate sauce, whipped cream and Kirsch flambée crepes. Luckily, there’s always a dry Cotes de Provence Ros on hand at Flo’s to console yourself with, along with a lot of other deliciously grown-up crepe-y options.

Before we launch into the menu though, let’s get something straight: a Galette is a savoury crepe, while a Crepe is a sweet, err, galette. Umm. Anyway, at Flo’s the galettey-crepes are all made ‘delicious, crispy, fresh and gluten free.’ Moving on…

There’s the La Simple of ham and cheese or the Après Surf of bacon, egg, cheese and mushroom. If you’re a little more adventurous, why not try the Italian Classic of prosciutto, cherry tomatoes, cheese and basil. Maybe a healthy salad served on a galette, or a vegetarian or seafood delight is more your style… What’s that?? Hurry up with the sweet options? Well, there’s the Caramel Indulgence with Flo’s salted caramel sauce, grilled almonds and vanilla ice cream, the Take Me Back with Belgian chocolate sauce, whipped cream, banana, grilled almonds and vanilla ice cream. Even zesty Suzette gets a jersey in the Crepes on Fire section. Kids are most welcome and have their own menu, and for those following a Vegan program; rejoice! There’s a whole menu just for the you. Yes, this isn’t your average creperie!

Unlike the market stalls, there’s a cocktail menu which unsurprisingly pairs beautifully with delicate buckwheat carriers of incredible fillings. The Noosa Iced Tea (vanilla vodka, spiced rum, Noosa gin, triple sec and Buderim ginger beer) and Flo’s Champagne Cocktail are seriously thirst quenching, whilst the Piscine (French Spritz) selection makes having a tipple with your crepe lunch all the more acceptable. The wine list is petite but leans heavily to the French, whilst the range of ciders and beers from France, Belgium and the odd ale from Noosa complete the drinks menu. Oh, and there’s coffee if you’re that way inclined. Between you and us, we think we’ve been doing this ‘Crepes are a breakfast thing’ all wrong!

Just a short drive into Noosa Junction, Flo’s Creperie is a Noosa family business heavily endorsed by locals and visitors alike. Breakfast, lunch or dinner, there’s always time for crepes and galettes!!