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The Noosa Chocolate Factory

Easter and chocolate. They just go together like peas and carrots, but let’s face it: chocolate tastes much better! In Noosa, it tastes simply scrumptious thanks to the Noosa Chocolate Factory. Take a short drive from Noosa Pacific to the factory itself and view where chocolate dreams are made of. But beware: at this time of year, the Noosa Chocolate Factory is awash with delicious creations you’ll want to dive straight into.

Housed in Noosaville’s industrial precinct, the Noosa Chocolate Factory sits big and bold on the corner of Production Avenue, where wafts of cocoa and sugar swirl across the street to lure in even the most wary sweet tooth. Whilst there is no admittance to the factory floor itself, a widescreen view of the pristine production area can be seen as you walk through the oversized doors. For chocolate fiends, this is good. Why? Because it means they can toss aside the formalities and get right down to business: choosing something to take home. Or at least eat in the car on the way back to Noosa Pacific. Glancing into the factory where all the chocolate is handmade will, speaking from experience, be the easiest thing you do here!

Every chocolate taste is catered to at the Noosa Chocolate Factory, and the combinations run the length of fan favourites and intriguing new flavours. Chocolate with nuts, fruit with chocolate, rocky road, white chocolate, dark chocolate, chocolate in slabs, shaped chocolate, boxes of chocolate, vegan chocolate, raspberry flavoured chocolate… it really is endless. But this isn’t a one-trick chocolate shop. Enter: the barista! Yes, the Noosa Chocolate Factory take their coffee just as seriously as their cacao. There’s even a selection of delectable hot chocolates on offer too. Head to their lovely outdoor area and contemplate whether you should get the Marble Hazelnuts (roasted hazelnuts coated in Gianduja chocolate, a blend of ground hazelnuts with milk chocolate, and then layered with creamy white chocolate and milk choc flecks), Liquorice Bullets, Whole Strawberries or a more traditional slab of 85% Dark Chocolate… or more.

Easter is a wonderful time to visit, if only to view the spectacular chocolate creations handmade onsite. Cute chocolate chickens, white chocolate and raspberry eggs, or a 70cm high chocolate bunny. Your Easter present list can be knocked over right here!

Noosa Chocolate Factory products are made with cocoa butter only, which gives their wares a luxurious mouth feel and a wonderful sensation in your heart: no palm oil is used in any products.  They also have vegan milk strawberries, vegan coconut rough slab, vegan blueberry slab and vegan cherry slab.

If you’re travelling with those who’d rather perch up at a bar with a savoury glass of hops, the excellent Land & Sea Brewery is right across the road. What’s not to love?